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One person company is a new concept introduced by Companies Act 2013. One person company is a sort of private limited company which can be incorporated by one person alone. However another person is required as nominee.

As the one person company concept is for small businesses. The status as a One person company can be availed only when paid-up share capital up to INR 50 Lacs and a turnover uptoINR 2 crore in a year. However the moment turnover increases beyond INR 2 crores or the capital crosses INR 50 lacs, the one person company will be required to be converted as a private limited company.

A one person company has some advantages under Companies Act 2013 in terms of non- applicability of few provisions. Those are as listed in below.

  • Notice of meetings.
  • Quorum for meetings.
  • Chairman of meetings.
  • Restriction on voting rights.
  • Calling of extraordinary general meetings.
  • Proxies.
  • Statement to be annexed with the notice etc.

Nowadays, This form of business also getting popular in India. A person can start their business in form of One Person Company then with the growth or by application of Law,oneself moves to Private Limited Company.

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A self define process of registration of One Person Company, documents required, and pricing etc for registration of One Person Company are given in tabs as above.

We follow and maintain transparent and vital system in our office. Whichremain same for all the customers.

Minium Requirement

  1. Minimum one person as Director and Shareholder
  2. Minimum Capital shall be Rs. 1,00,000/-
  3. DIN for the one the Person
  4. Digital Signature for oneperson
  5. Consent From the Nominee and Shareholder
  6. Proof of Registered Address
  7. NOC from the owner of registered office

Document Requirement

  1. Passport size photo of Proposed Director
  2. Pan Card copy of Proposed Director
  3. Address Proof ofProposed Director
  4. Signature on the DSC Form
  5. Signature on Affidavit for DIN
  6. Signature on Consent form
  7. Signature on Subscribers Sheet of MOA & AOA.


STEP -1 :In One Person Company, We require documents for two persons. One is Director and Shareholder and another for Nominee of One Person Company. The person who would become Directors / Member and Nominee of the One Person Company, require to provide and sign.the requisite documents to start Incorporation process of a One Person Company.

STEP -2 : Obtain Digital Signature certificate (DSC) and Director Identification Number (DIN) for proposed Director and Shareholder for Registration of One Person Company.

STEP -3 : Filing name approval form with Registrar of Companies (ROC) along with main object of One Person Company. which require minimum one name and maximum six name in the order of preference. Name of a One Person Company must reflect its activity or main business Object in its name.


STEP -4 : Drafting of Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Article of Association (AOA). It is an important Document for Registration of One Person Company. It Contain all the object and rules and regulation for day to day operation of Company.

STEP -5: Filing of e-form along with legal attachments,legal forms and MOA & AOAto be submitted electronically with Registrar of Companies (ROC) for Incorporation of One Person Company. Our highly experience team is expert in preparing and filing of E-forms with ROC.

STEP -6 : After approval of all the e-forms, One would get Certificate of Incorporation (COI) forOne Person Company. COI can be issued only when ROC is satisfied with respect to all the documents submitted.


STEP -7 :Now it is essential to obtain Business Commencement Certificate from Registrar of Companies (ROC) to complete the process of registration of one person companyincorporated under Companies Act 2013.

This commencement of business certificate can be issued after submission proof of payment of INR 1 lac to company to the ROC. After that a One Person Company can exercise borrowing power or CommenceBusiness. (Earlier under Companies Act 1956 this certificate for Commencement of Business is required only for Public Limited Companies).

  • Q1.What is One Person Company?

    Ans.One Person Company is a company where only one person is required to incorporate One Person Company. He/she is the person who is director as well as shareholder in the company. He has all the rights and duties of directors, shareholders and authorized signatory. He is responsible for day to day operation and legal compliances.
  • Q2. What is minimum number of person required ?

    Ans. Minimum two persons is required. One is as a director and shareholder and other one is required as a nominee of One Person Company.
  • Q3. Who can be become Director and Shareholder of OPC?

    Ans.Only resident of India can become member & nominee of OPC.
  • Q4.Whether nominee can be changed?

    Ans.Yes, nominee can be change whenever OPC is required to change.
  • Q5.Whether one person can form more than one OPC?

    Ans.No, one person can form only one OPC or can become member of only one OPC. But he can become nominee in other OPC.
  • Q6.Is there any condition which required to be fulfill to run as OPC during it's life time?

    Ans.Yes, if it's paid –up Capital exceed INR 50 Lacs or turnover exceed INR 2 Crores in any year, then OPC has to be converted legally into Private or Public Company.
  • Q7.Is this OPC can be converted into Private or Public Company?

    Ans.Yes, OPC can be converted into private or public company, but for this they required to fulfill condition which is required to become a private or public company i.e minimum number of member and paid capital etc.
  • Q8.Whether private company can be converted into OPC?

    Ans.Yes, Private Company canbe converted into OPC, if it's turnover does not exceed 2 crore and paid –up Capital not exceeding 50 lakhs at any time.
  • Q9.Whether OPC is also require to fulfill all compliance as required by other company?

    Ans.No, compliance which is required by other company is not required to follow by OPC.OPC is also not required to compile number of legal formalities as required in other form of company such as to have AGM.
Our packages for one person companies
Registration of one person company LITE BASIC SILVER PLATINUM GOLD DIAMOND
Director Identification Number no yes yes yes yes yes
Digital Signature of Director no yes yes yes yes yes
Name Approval of Company yes yes yes yes yes yes
MOA and AOA Drafting yes yes yes yes yes yes
Certificate of Incorporation yes yes yes yes yes yes
PAN Card of Company yes yes yes yes yes yes
TAN of Company yes yes yes yes yes yes
Certificate of Commencement of Business yes yes yes yes yes yes
MOA and AOA Booklet (10 Copies) no yes yes yes yes yes
Share Certificates  no yes yes yes yes yes
Common Seal of Company no no yes yes yes yes
Service Tax Registration no no yes no yes yes
Sale Tax Registration (VAT & CST) no no no yes yes yes
Import Export Licence no no no no no yes
TOTAL AMOUNT INR  12000 16000 20000 24000 28000 36000

We will provide following:

  • DIN of  one member.
  • Digital Signature Certificate.
  • Incorporation Certificate of One Person Company.
  • MOA and AOA of One Person Company.
  • Name approval letter.
  • Share Certificates.
  • Commencement of Business Certificate.
  • Permanent Account Number  (PAN).
  • Tax Account Number (TAN)